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The Alchymist Luxury Group represents the pinnacle of hospitality, masterfully blending the splendour of historic grandeur with the charm of contemporary luxury. With roots deep in Prague's illustrious history, the Group's reach spans the globe, offering captivating experiences from the picturesque cobbled streets of Europe to the radiant shores of Brazil.

In Prague, the Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa is a beacon of 5-star opulence. Nestled in the heart of the city, this enchanting hotel offers sumptuously decorated rooms and suites that reflect the building's rich heritage. The Aquarius Restaurant is a feast for the senses, serving exquisite contemporary Italian cuisine in a lavish setting adorned with Venetian plaster, Murano chandeliers and vintage furnishings. For those seeking peace amidst the city's dynamic pace, the Ecsotica Spa & Health Club offers a serene sanctuary.

Adding to Prague's allure, the Alchymist Prague Castle Suites invites guests to immerse themselves in an exclusive experience within the historic mansion known as "At the Turk's Head". This 15th century gem has been meticulously restored to create a new concept in luxury accommodation. Guests are welcomed as personal visitors to the owner, Giorgio Bonelli, and pampered in one of eight opulent suites, a music room, library, fireplace room and spa.

In Brazil, the Alchymist Luxury Resort in Jericoacoara is a haven of tranquillity. The Alchymist Beach Club promises warm temperatures, pristine sands and peaceful relaxation areas, all complemented by delicious cuisine and exceptional service.

The group's commitment to unparalleled excellence is also evident in the San Carlo and Aquarius restaurants, where guests can enjoy the culinary artistry of Executive Chef Frantisek Mizerovsky's Italian and Czech creations.

The forthcoming Alchymist Prehistoric Park will offer an escape to an ancient world with over 80 realistic dinosaur figures, including the majestic Argentinosaurus, set against the picturesque backdrop of Cumbuco Beach near Fortaleza.

The Alchymist Luxury Group is more than a collection of destinations; it is a gateway to a world where exceptional service and the excitement of discovery combine to create lasting memories.

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